Dreaming of Reading

I was talking with one of my friends this week about hard November, and realistically all year around, it is for a university student to fit reading just for fun into their day. Lets be honest we are reading textbooks or regular books for required reading (some is interesting, some we want to throw at a wall, and some we were planning on reading anyway.)

Personally I struggle with setting aside time for my reading. Honestly? I try to read before bed but then I stay up till 5am until I finish the book. Honestly? It will take me generally more than two hours to read a chapter in my Byzantine history textbook and this is not on a good day either. That’s my average day.

So I decided that I would try to plan out, loosely since I am known to go wander library and pick a random book then proceed to devour it in a day, what I am going to read during the month. I understand I will probably not hit my target goal that I set back in January on my goodreads account (too ashamed to actually say what it is now, but I will in December!). But I am at the point where as a bookworm, who in the past could read upwards of 200 books a year, it is not just tiring for me but also frustrating that I have not been able to hit that same area since I graduated from high school not so long ago.

Tomorrow I will post the books that I am going to try reading this month and a reason it’s on my list. Well I guess today since…it is past midnight.

Any recommendations? I’m always looking for new and interesting books. I have made it my goal to make each month’s list fairly diverse. Or I am trying to but I am not perfect (really, I am human.)

What are you planning to read this month? Are you part of any book clubs?

4 thoughts on “Dreaming of Reading

  1. Meg says:

    One of my biggest regrets from college was not indulging in non-course related reading thinking that it would be wasted time. Quite the contrary – my writing and general studies suffered because I lost what was perhaps my greatest form of self-care. Not sure if you’re a fan of sci-fi novels (or “speculative fiction” as the author calls it), but Atwood’s “Oryx and Crake” is a very interesting read. I read it for a course a few years ago, loved it, and am finally making my way through the sequel.


    • forgottenpumpkinpie says:

      “Oryx and Crake” is being put on my list for December if I don’t get to it during November! I really enjoy Atwood’s writing so it will be a happy read for me, regardless of its content, when I reach December.
      I think that is why I did so terribly in the last three years of jumping between the university I am currently enrolled in and the local community college. At the community college I was in the Library and Information Technology program so it felt like I was doing more work than necessary (which was really a stupid thought).
      What have you been reading this month?


      • Meg says:

        Ooh, glad to meet another Atwood fan! I ultimately didn’t switch schools during college, though I considered it quite seriously and switches majors because I was so miserable. I wish I’d allowed myself more “me” time in the form of reading.
        I just started “One Hundred Years of Solitude” and am eagerly waiting for a copy of Anna Karenina to arrive in the mail (I read an interview with the translators Pevear & Volokhonsky, and I knew I just had to read one of their translations). 🙂


      • forgottenpumpkinpie says:

        You’ll have to let me know how Anna Karenina reads. I’ve hesitantly put it on my “maybe in the future, not quite certain” list.
        Trust me, I’m constantly thinking of why did I decide to do a history major. Most of my friends are confused too.
        I will have to google “One Hundred Years of Solitude” because I think I have heard of it but ultimately not sure.


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