Dreaming of November Reading

  1. Splintered by A. G. Howard: Huge fan of reading books that have twisted and fractured a well known story and Splintered does a fantastic job of it so far (in my humble opinion).
  2. Cinder (Lunar Chronicles #1) by Marissa Meyer: Yep. Gotta love a cyborg Cinderella! Once again, a twisted story that is seriously out of this world. I have been meaning to read this book for a while this year. Well finish it. University just keeps getting in the way!
  3. The Girl in the Wall by Alison Preston: Yes! Local writer from my hometown. Best part of the semi horror, mostly crime, novel? I can actually identify many of the locations and streets, especially my neighborhood, where the story takes place. I love when I can literally feel at home in a book.
  4. The Mammoth Book of Steampunk Adventures edited by Sean Wallace: Steampunk, cyberpunk, dieselpunk…you could hand me anything and I will read it. I found this collection/anthology of short stories earlier this year while casually browsing the bookstore. Flipping through led me to buying the book.
  5. Blogging for Creatives by Robin Houghton: I like learning and observing. I learnt briefly how to manage a blog but it was for a school assignment (and for the teacher to mark) so I’ll let you imagine how long that blog lasted after the class ended…
  6. Gothic Sports: Volume 1 by Anike Hage: Recommended to me because of my love for sporty manga (and anime). If I complete Gothic Sports it will be my fourth manga finished this year!
  7. Dune by Frank Herbert: This is actually a Gerard Way recommendation. I’ve heard him talk about it on twitter a couple of times (I believe in a couple interviews as well) and I was interested. It just so happened that one of my friends called me up to come over and relieve her of “some” books off her hands. I seriously must have looked weird walking onto the bus carrying a huge box and a backpack overflowing with books but guess what was in that pile (and its sequel…)
  8. Design on a Crime (Deadly Decor Mystery #1) by Ginny Aiken: Wasn’t necessarily looking for a cozy mystery but it sounded fun and light (even if someone does die…spoilers guys!)
  9. The Someday List (Jubilant Soul Book One) by Stacy Hawkins Adams: Not sure what to make of this series, well first book, since I had been looking for a different series (still by Adams), and honestly? I’m really not a big reader of chicklits…well I guess woman’s lit.
  10. The Drowning City (The Necromancer Chronicles #1) by Amanda Downum: I actually bought this book when I was still in high school on a whim. I like the idea of a female assassin who also practices necromancy. Can’t wait to read it!

So these are my books that I have chosen for my November’s Dreaming of Reading! I will have to admit while writing this post (which I am blaming university for not being posted earlier this week, but better late than never, right?) I actually ended up finishing two of the books on this list. That doesn’t matter though. I read them in November.

Besides reading 10 books this month, among the puke of university work, I gave myself some literary goals.

One of them was to read books by a person of color and honestly? I am really excited about doing this. We truly do need diverse books. We need books that break stereotypes. We need books that representation so that everyone is able to feel that magical connection or pull to the words on a page.

The other was to break out of my usual genres and try to read something different. I picked up a chick lit/woman’s lit and a crime/mystery novel. Neither of those are genres I really read but I have started to dig the cozy mysteries!

My hope is that I will be able to post my thoughts on these books and any others that I read during the month of November but it will be a challenge doing so with university. No matter! I’ll post them in December if I have to…or January…

Already I have started my book list for December but I would like your input. What diverse, awesome, off the wall books should I read that you have enjoyed or loved?

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