{{WWW Wednesday}}

{Brought to you by the awesome Sam from Taking on a World of Words}

1. What are you currently reading?

I don’t see it now but I have a sneaking suspicion that The Great Pumpkin Cat (Tiggy) has decided that it is his and needs to be slept on. Anyways, I am reading the 7th book of the A Coffeehouse Mystery series, Espresso Shop (Cleo Coyle).

Espresso Shot

Highly enjoyable! Last year I read another one of the books in the series, can’t remember which one, but I felt just as welcomed and at home when I started this installment. Nothing to complain about!

2. What have you finished reading?

Gobbled up Postcards from the Dead (Laura Childs) from the A Scrapbooking Mystery Series. I need to return it to the library soon!

Postcards from the Dead

As I was reading in the back of my mind I was reflecting about the difference in quality between both Postcards from the Dead and the Teaberry Strangler. While they are both in different series, by the same author, they are also the same number in their respective series and I have to admit the quality was not there. But that is for more reflection and another post for another day…

3. What will you read next?

It seems that now I am really leaning towards reading mostly cozy mysteries and only some fantasy so I am going to continue on this reading trend. Maybe during the summer months it will change?

The Cinderella Murder Secret Letters

For my next reads I am going to tackle two more books that I borrowed from the library: the first book in the Under Suspicion series, The Cinderella Murder (Mary Higgins Clark and Alafair Burke), and the YA stand alone novel, Secret Letters (Leah Scheier).

I think it is safe to say that I am well on my way to finishing my Cravings for Cozies Challenge 2016.

What are your W’s for the week?

4 thoughts on “{{WWW Wednesday}}

  1. Emily Witt says:

    Coffeehouse Mysteries sounds great! I love mysteries centred around coffee houses/bakeries,etc.

    I love the cover of Secret Letters but I’m not sure it’s a book for me.


    • forgottenpumpkinpie says:

      Honestly that is what I thought as well when I took my first book from the library. By nature I am not really a coffee drinker (it actually makes me really sick depending on what I get) but a tea drinker! Some of the descriptions are…divine. I almost want to read them while in a coffee store!


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