T10Tues: 10 Books that Every Gamer Should Read

Today’s T10Tues is brought to you  by the lovely ladies over at The Broke and the Bookish who wanted us to create our own Top 10 books that Every X should read! So I created a quick list of books that I think every gamer should read (just a day late).

The Secret Loves of Geek GirlsThe Secret Loves of Geek Girls: Two weeks ago I found this book while wandering through McNalley here in Winnipeg. While I bought it I found out that I had missed a panel/author talk about it so that was a bit disappointing for me since I know I would have found it highly interesting. Anyways, I thought this would be a fantastic book that girls, and everyone who identifies as female, who are gamers would be able to read, enjoy, and relate with since I feel that girl gamers seem to have a bad reputation.

For the WinFor the Win by Cory Doctorow: I thought the cover art of For the Win was really neat plus there is a strong female character, although I am not sure whether they are a main character or just a secondary one, from what I have read online. While I do own this book I actually haven’t read it yet but I had it recommended to me by a friend.

SkinSkin by Ted Dekker: This will throw you between reality and a virtual one then send you through a loop about everything that you know (or think you know) about yourself and how you see other people.

The Drowning CityThe Drowning City by : Lush scenery, a strong female main character who is not just a spy but a necromancer, and a mission to overthrow a government. The imagery that I got while reading this blew me away! I think a good comparison for the detail would be Xenoblade Chronicles (the occasional time boyfriend plays it and I watch over his shoulder or I get slaughtered by the crabs).

NeuromancerNeuromancer by William Gibson: I perked up when I saw Matrix in the summary blurb and when I went to dig a little more about it online I discovered: William Gibson coined the term “cyberspace”. Now whether this is true or not…well you will need to find out for yourself. Plus you can’t go wrong with ninjas. I am for sure going to be adding this to my summer reading pile though!

Sex, Love, and VideogamesSex, Love, and Video Games by C Jane Elliot: Personally I love a little romance in what I read. Just a speck. I actually found this while browsing through books on the Chapters website. I think it sounds like a sweet romance, with video games as a focal point, for these two young men. Hopefully I can find a copy in the library!

The Survivor The Survivor by Sean Slater: Just like any first person shooter game where there is lots of violence and gruesome details but you are still able to shoot your way through it, try The Survivor. If I had a choice of choosing a video game that would be like it…I think Grand Theft Auto? Lots of shooting, police chases, and violence. Trigger points would be that there is a school shooting. But honestly this is a really great book. Actually it is one of my favourites.

Dune Dune by Frank Herbert: It inspired the video game Mass Effect. Need I say more?

FeedFeed by M.T. Anderson: I actually took this book out a few summers ago from the library on a whim and really enjoyed it. Maybe its just me but I can see a correlation between the idea of having a live feed embedded in the characters minds and how when we loose touch with the internet, media, and the constant ambush of information that mysteriously our own thoughts disappear too.

Slum OnlineSlum Online by Hiroshi Sakurazaka: I put this on the list because it seemed to have some similarities to Sword Art Online (especially how it ends). I think this something that I would enjoy reading and the cover art is quite nice too.

Honourable mentions: True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys (Gerard Way), Project Cain (Geoffrey Girard), Ender’s Game (Orson Scott), World War Z by Max Brooks, and Vitriol the Hunter (Billy Martin).

Honestly, one problem with this list is…I am not a gamer myself. I mean unless you count card games and table top games…

I chose these books based on lists found around the web, some peering over the shoulder of boyfriend and taking in the visuals of what was going on in the game he was playing at the time, what I have read in the past (Skin by Ted Dekker) or what I own (For the Win by Cory Doctorow) and what I dream of owning (Vitriol the Hunter by Billy Martin). I tried to throw in a wide selection of novels that are not just gamers getting sucked into different worlds but it was a difficult feat. My inspiration was boyfriend and all of my gaming friends.

I think my favourite book, and the one I hunted down the longest, is The Secret Loves of Geeks Girls because girls play video games too! While not all the stories are involved with video games I believe my fellow ladies who do identify as gamers will connect with some of the stories within this amazing anthology!

Do you have anything to add to my list? Did this “non-gamer” do a good job?

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