2am ramblings: will I regret it in the morning?

This is probably going to end up being a ramble. Honestly. I’m tired but can’t fall asleep. I’ve got this slightly painful headache happening in the back of my mind with a continuous buzzing.
But it is insomnia. I think.
Or maybe the side effects of sleeping in till 12pm.
My shin is hurting from rowing. While being 5’4″ in rowing already doesn’t help my helping carrying boats up and down today’s practice, while being the best of the two so far this on water season, wasn’t helping much. I will admit I am the weakest link of any crew that I am part of. Which saddens me more than I can admit when I am actually not in the state I am now. The bow of the crew today carried the boat basically by himself, well not really, I guess our end of the boat. I couldn’t even reach it on my tip toes (yes, I carry boats on my shoulder walking end point) when we went up overhead. But he’s used to it.
Probably not knowing what my mark is on the last two assignments that I handed into my academic writing professor is having a huge affect on my sleeping patterns. I do stress about my grades regardless on what people, especially my parents, seem to think.
I need to pass this course.
I’m feeling overwhelmed and nauseous. Honestly? I just want to be in boyfriend’s arms. Or dozing off on his shoulder. I haven’t really slept well since I fell asleep on him, for less than 30 minutes, on Monday while watching the latest version of Godzilla (I dislike the movie anyways but that’s not the point; I guess you can say I am not feeling too bad about it) and that was after I had a nearly disastrous practice driving session with him to get McDonald’s.
My body and mental health is feeling run down. I am not sleeping and keep forgetting my iron pills too. Which isn’t helping.
I have a job interview Tuesday. How am I gonna survive?
I better not regret this rambling. I’m sorry for writing this? I guess in some way I feel incredibly lonely. Blogging maybe will help? Friends?

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