Have a Cuppa with me?

If we were having coffee I would take an appreciative sniff of whatever you are drinking (Americano? At this hour? No judgement) then go back to drinking my pomegranet tea (two sugars please and thank you). I would tell you that on Friday I had two cups of coffee (four sugars each and lots of milk) and proceeded to have a huge stomache ache and neasea with the fantastic side of wanting to throw up all day. This was not because of the sugar. It was because of the coffee.

Boyfriend got a whole bunch of texts. I got a whole bunch of kisses later that night when we saw each other.

If we were having coffee I would smile and tell you about what a fantastic second week we have had at rowing this week. I had some amazing crews and even better? One of my best friends came to see me at Thursday’s practice (then we went out for a nice dinner). I was so excited and happy.

If we were having coffee I would take a sip of tea and show you that I am almost half way through one of my library books. Its a nice feeling. Although I will admit the book isn’t as exciting as I thought it would be…and I am halfway through. Oh well. I do have hope it will pick up sooner than later.

If we were having coffee I would mention that I had a job interview this week and now, especially after having a serious conversation with boyfriend where I told him everything that I was told at the interview, wondering if I should really take it (that is if I get offered it). The hours are not even close to what they advertisement described but it would work (sort of) when I go back to university in the fall. I need this job though. I need to keep looking.

If we were having coffee I would express how  I am feeling anxiety about writing reviews for books that I have been reading. Maybe I shouldn’t really admit that on here but where else can I get some advice and assurance? I feel no confidence about this even when I can go on and on about the books I have reading to my friends and obviously boyfriend.

If we were having coffee I would apologize for the lack of attention to the lovely comments that you have been leaving me (not to mention the tags). I will be paying more attention to you guys starting this month; in fact tomorrow. I have been reading all of them though!

If we were having coffee I would ask you about how you scheduale your posts. I am planning on creating a monthly spread (that can be folded and put in my daily R2D2 agenda) and some lists that I can use to hopefully keep track and plan. I have this odd want to keep track and plan and be organized but that doesn’t end up happening 80% of the time. University makes me crazy and I need to really get this worked on NOW while I am not in school.

If we were having coffee I would admit that I am not sure if I want to go through with my history degree that I have been working on and go into psychology instead. I am feeling overwhelmed and, not going to lie, scared.

At the end of our coffee and tea time…I would ask for a hug. I need people in my corner.

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