When Life gives you friends…have a drink!

Hello! Come and sit. There is tea and hot chocolate, I think it is a bit too late for coffee don’t you think? Help yourself! Sorry about the faint smokey smell. I went to a spur of the moment bonfire Saturday night with some of the young adults after we did Elevate. It was a bit lonesome at first, I’ve only been attending this young adults group for a year and my friend group is…very small. This only seemed to magnify when I got a text from Boyfriend saying that he wouldn’t be coming because he had just finished a 12 hour shift at work. Thankfully I was able to find myself a ride home (thanks Z!) and dad didn’t have get fussed about me calling to explain that Boyfriend would not be the one dropping me off. So that is why I smell like a bonfire.

One of the questions at Elevate was how do you balance church and life? Do you have connections outside of the young adult group? We broke into small groups (which is terrifying until I found Alisha) to discuss and pray about it?

What is my connection? I volunteer in the library. Z also volunteers there (you remember him, right? He was mentioned in a previous post about Outlaw by Ted Dekker). Sometimes Boyfriend’s little sister will tag along with me. Boyfriend gets credit for encouraging me to volunteer last year in the library when I dug my heels in and refused. I had just flunked out of my Library and Information Technology program months before and you can just imagine the extent of doubt I had in my skills. You don’t have to worry though! I love the library and have made a few new friends.

How is work going for you? I hope you are enjoying it. I wanted to surprise you this week: I got a job! I’ll be starting training on Wednesday as a student RA. Can you tell how nervous I am? No? You can chalk it up to not working last summer and my only recent work experience is from the church library. But I prayed that I would get this job, I knew walking out of the interview that my chances were slim thanks to my tongue getting tied and mucking up a large part of the interview, and look what happened! God sure does work miracles.

I hope you have enjoyed your drink. See you next week?

You can find other weekend coffee shares at this week’s post by Part Time Monster!

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