T10Tues: Underrated, perhaps, but not unloved!

What’s up? How have you been? Today’s T10Tues topic, from Broke and the Bookish, is underrated books that we love. All of these books have less than 2000 ratings on Goodreads. Without further ado take a look at some of my favourite books that really need more love.


I remember picking up this book for the first time at the library…how can I put it besides these pages are magical? I got sucked in right away. Even now, years later, I still get transported when I read it.


A fluffy, cute, manga that has a special spot in my heart!

Brother Grimm

Grisly, bloody, and absolutely twisted. Just what the Grimm Brothers would have wanted!


Have you noticed a pattern yet? That I really love this book? Its gritty. Its mean. Its Super Jaws on steroids!

Run Like Jager

I don’t have the perfect words to describe my emotions when it comes this book that captured my heart.

Project Cain

It makes you think. I’m so glad my friend recommended it to me! Now I am recommending it to you 😀

Blind Beauty

When I was younger, probably 11, I received this book as a Christmas present from a family friend. Fast forward 11 years later and the spine is cracked, worn down, and loved. I guess you could say that I had found a fictional sister who I felt like I could relate with on so many levels!


While it has been a long time since I have read this…I still remember it. I remember how it hit me. How I could feel the grit of the streets underneath my fingers as I read. How the street art just called to me.

No Game No Life 1

Hilariously enjoyable. What more can I say?

Songs for a Teenage Nomad

Again, this is one of my favourite books in the world. It called to me the second my fingers touched the cover and opened the pages. In some way I do still feel like a nomad with no true place to call home.

So what books are your favourite underrated loves? Have you read any on my list? Let’s chat! Include a link to your list and we can discuss our books.

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