T10Tues: Did you know this about me?

Welcome to this week’s T10Tuesday, brought to us by the Broke and the Bookish, where you get to learn 10 facts about yours truly. I think that this is a pretty interesting topic since I really don’t know what to tell you. You already know that I am a huge Lord of the Rings fan and that Tiggy, just like all my cats that have pawed into my life, is the kitty of my life! What more is there to tell you?

  1. I have been writing for a long time. When I was in highschool, during chapel, I would be writing (or sleeping) instead of listening to whatever the youth leader dude was talking to us about. Maybe I have told you about  friend’s would even go into my backpack so she could read everything that I had written during the week! Soon I was writing almost a chapter a week in three different stories. Some of them I published onto my fanfiction and fictionpress accounts but unfortunately I will not be linking them. (I long ago deleted them but if I ever republish them I will surely let you know if you are interested.)
  2. I met Frnk Iero when he came to Winnipeg. It was one of the biggest days of my life! There is nothing like meeting someone you have looked up to for years and literally hugging them and chatting. He played my favourite song off his album .Stomaches “Joyriding” live that night. 

    Please don’t steal this picture! Copyrighted Bre/ForgottenPumpkin.Pie

  3. Slytherin babe.
  4. Waaayyy back at the end of grade 7 (2007 guys) I had my world shocked. I was diagnosed with Auditory Processing Disorder. If you really are curious about what it is check here, or here. I have always had APD it was only until 2007 that I was professionally diagnosed though. For me it makes life a bit toughter when I am out and about, especially when I am by myself, in loud environments but also when I am in school. Now I get special help while in university classes (notetakers and a special introduction letter to my professors) which takes a lot of stress away. Friends, boyfriend, and of course my mum have always been awesome and had my back.
  5. My best friend, Naomi (otherwise known on here as Pomegrante), actually set up boyfriend and I after he tried to get her to date him.
  6. This year in university I start my psychology degree and I plan on working towards a B average! Or an A average if I can swing it.
  7. For 9 years I have been rowing in the Winnipeg Rowing Club’s recreational group. I have a small family who love me to bits and honestly one of the best big brothers a girl could ask for!!
  8. I am for sure an extroverted introvert! This probably has something to do with my APD but honestly? It doesn’t matter. While I love being with friends there are days when I just want to curl up in my bed, no one talk me or touch me, and let me decompress. Sometimes this has more to do with oversensitization because of my APD.
  9. I love tea and my all time favourite is a loose tea called Berry Berry. When I was little mom used to take me to a small tea room.
  10. I want to go to Japan! It has always been a life long dream of mine.

There are more good things to tell you in the future though! I have been nominated for an award that involves a lot of secrets being spilled! But honestly guys, I really hope you comment with your own 10 things, and I hope by doing this post I will challenge myself to open up more to you. Maybe we can start some friendships.

While I am not posting things up on here I do have a facebook page and also I suppose you can find and follow me on my personal twitter where we can hang out and talk. Want me to see something? Use #forgottenpumpkinpiebookblog on twitter!!

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