I’m not sure what to say except pray? 

Maybe next week I will have something better to write about.

For now I will tell you this. 

I’m happy. 

Well happy enough besides the few things that I can’t control that are really bugging me now at work. I need to find courage to face them headon and express my questions and fears with words that should be easy for me (at least when I am with friends and Boyfriend). 

But they aren’t.

The one time words are not coming is when I need them most. I’m used to having words. Maybe not the biggest nor the most eloquent words.

Now I’m scared of failure.

But I’m still happy. 

I may not have grown up substantially but I am growing in my life now that I have let God take care of me. Not that I don’t fight him something fierce sometimes. But I recognize that I got this job because of Him. I prayed for this job. Maybe it’s time I let him take care of me while I am here. 

I have friends and family in my corner who only want me to succeed rather than pull me down every step I take. I have people who are protective of me and man does that feel good. 

Naomi, Andrea, Grace, Bro and Boyfriend.

You guys have been on this journey with me and I love you. Don’t think I haven’t heard what you tell me, even if I don’t listen, but you know me. But it’s you who I have to thank. 

You always pulled me out of the dark, held that candle while holding out a hand, and made sure I was able to stand. You were put in my life and I can only hope that you will stay.

I love you so much. Thank you. 

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