Ignite the Dust: July

I’ve seen some wrap ups floating around the WordPress world since I have started blogging last year and really liked how some of my favorite bloggers did theirs (which is my inspiration). Unfortunately I do not have a lot of posts but that’s okay! I’m planning on pulling inspiration from other bloggers and my intention is to keep writing for you guys.

July Posts


Underrated, perhaps, but not unloved! I got to write about some of my favourite books that have been overlooked for the more popular ones. Each ones means something to me.

Did you know this about me? Where you learn 10 things that you probably, or maybe you did, know about me as a human and not just the blogger Bre. Though you probably don’t know all these about me since I have only been writing on here for a little under a year.

Have words and you will travel! Are you like me and can’t afford a plane ticket to another place? Come check these books out that will help tame the travel bug bites. You will be traveling a lot in Canada (which isn’t necessarily a bad thing).

Weekend Coffee Share

I’m not sure what to say except pray? Last week was not the best week for me and it shows in my weekend coffee share post last week.

July Reads

From the library


After taking this picture I realized:

  1. I am missing a book: Girl Stays in the Picture by Melissa de la Cruz.
  2. Four of the books I did not get to this month so they are going to be read during August, which in all honesty is fine with me. I read books for the enjoyment they give me and if that means I am not able to get through my full queue for the month? That is okay with me.

From my shelf

The Juliet Club 1

Did Not Finish


Honestly I tried so hard to get into this manga! I had read so many good things about it online, and the anime seemed interesting, until I actually picked it up at the library and began reading. Bubble burst. So it is on my DNF list and probably won’t be picked up again. If I feel like it I will do a review but I really don’t think it will happen.


July Life Moments

  • At work it has been a rollar coaster and only supposed to become more hilly in the month leading up the new semester at the University! I’ve really got to buckle down on keeping my nerves together since now is when we are going to be getting wave after wave of students.
  • At rowing I am almost finished my 6 weeks of being a fixture in the coach boat because of an old injury! YAY! All I want to do is get back on water and keep training. This is my 9th summer/year rowing and so far I have spent the majority of it not rowing. Not being able to do something I love has really sent me into a bit of isolation and depression. Maybe this will be a post for August where I can talk to you more about this.
  • I was watching a documentary, or something like that, about the brain on the TV with Mum earlier this month and we had our attention caught especially when it talked about hearing and how there is new information about how the brain can be repaired in the hearing sensor. Mum encouraged me into looking more into it and I understand her confusion on when I point blank refused. See even though I have APD, and yes there are days when it sucks so many fucking balls, I don’t want to get rid of it. I want to learn more about it.
  • Pokemon Go has been an interesting addition to my life. It has been wonderful for Mum and I to go around looking for Pokemon together. I love the smile on her face when I catch something!
  • As much as I love Harry Potter I didn’t go to any of the release parties for The Cursed Child.

Future Ideas

Life Lessons

Originally this idea was going to be me writing letters and posting them on my blog but now it has evolved to something…a bit different (although the original idea is still there waiting to be used possibly in the future). I am imaginging it will be lessons about life that I learned from people, famous or not, in a letter format. But this could change.

New for August

Graphics and more posts!

I am slowly working on creating some graphics for the blog (eek!) and I have found some more post inspiration that I will be including on Thursdays and possibly another day of the week. Do you have a favourite bookish meme? Let me know!

I will be slowly starting to post a few reviews. Can I admit that I am scared to do this as a beginner blogger? What blogging tips and tricks do you have that will help ease my nerves?

Commenting on other posts and responding back to you guys here on the blog! I am so terrible with this but sometimes it is because I am so busy that my activity here is downgraded to simply reading offline on my phone (using my computer or tablet is easier on my eyes and much more interactive when I have wifi.)

Being more open with you guys about my APD and other things that impact my life. Would you be interested in learning more with me about APD? I feel like it isn’t talked about enough online.

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