I think this is the best way to describe my weekend. Very little use of electronics. 

If we were having coffee, or peppermint tea in my case. I would tell you that work is getting better. Sort of. I am no longer caring as much about what my boss thinks of me. I keep acting like she wants and it makes me miserable. Instead I have started forgetting her and just being myself. I no longer feel trapped by my fear, which really isn’t fear, so let’s call it mental barriers. One by one they are going to fall.

If we were having our nice time I would ask you if you have been able to visit or catch up with friends? This Wednesday Naomi and I are getting together because we both have the day off from work. Besides talking books, and doing a bit of shopping, we plan on doing catch up but also blog planning. Bullet journaling is something we would like to discuss. I had found some articles about it online and sent them to her. 

This weekend Boyfriend and I started watching the first episode of Stranger Things while eating pizza romantically lit by camping lanterns. Cause that’s how we roll. We will probably have to watch it again because Boyfriend’s dogs interrupted by sounding the furball alarm. 

Can I just say that it takes ages to calm them down. Plus one of the. Is an actual scaredy cat and tried to climb onto my lap, howling, when something went bang on Stranger Things. 

This is why I love Tiggy. He just sits on my notebooks.

Happy International Cat Day!

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