Ignite the Dust: August

Ignite the Dust: August

I think August was one of the slowest blogging months around here. This is thanks to being so exhausted after work that I would come home and just sleep. Thankfully this past week was Hell Week 1 (at least that is what we call it at work!) and Hell Week 2 is starting Tuesday (also when I start university classes…)

But, in celebration of surviving this past week and the next, why don’t we Ignite the Dust on August?


We explored the sometimes eerie and disturbing world under the big top in this week’s T10Tuesday Setting X!

Have you got books that you want to buy but just can’t afford them yet? Come and check out what I would have bought if given an unlimited giftcard! Please note: You may find yourself humming, If I had a Million Dollars by the Barenaked Ladies while reading.

Weekend Coffee Share

It was a low key, unplugged day, okay?

Waiting on Wednesday

This was my first expedition into the world of Waiting on Wednesday where I show you one of the books that I would like to add to my library!

Now let me be very clear about something. I am in no way a glitter girl but somehow Caraval got me. Glitter and all.

August Reads…

I actually can’t remember what I finished reading except for Lola and the Boy Next Door which you will be getting a review about this month on why I didn’t like it. Does that ever happen to you? Where you are so exhausted that you can’t remember what you read?

August Life Moments

There were actually a number of things that happened during my month…what are some of yours?

  • My summer rowing season is no more. I’ve been told by a sports doctor that I have what she believes to be a cyst in my back and has ordered an MRI for me (then a surgery). I can at least do weight training till the cows come home and pigs fly!

New for September!

University starts! I have three classes, one job, and only 24 hours in a day to do stuff. Shit is about to get real. That being said I will be blogging. Maybe not long posts, and maybe only a few times a week, but give me some credit (and cookies. Tea too?) for getting them posted.

Some posts that you may like include: what supplies am I using this year? A review about some new pens! And finally my university book haul (where my wallet is crying and my messenger bag is screaming in relief).

Upcoming Tuesday I will be doing what I hope will be a double post: T10Tuesday and what I wore to my first day of University Take 2: The Psychology Major! (A new series of posts if you, dear readers, are interested enough. Keep in mind I am not doing all of them about clothing. But the first post will probably be the longest!)

That’s all everyone! I am off to watching Log Horizon and drink tea. I’ll be coming back later to see what other people did during August so link up!

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