Ignite the Dust: September


Did I say that August was slow? Well September really beat it. I’ll be honest that I even considered not doing a wrap up for September but I figured that would be unfair to you guys.

Weekend Coffee Share

There was only Small Words in this coffee share after the weekend that I had.

Waiting on Wednesday

I am excited to get Crooked Kingdom and I wanted to share the excitement with you!

September Reads…

There will be reviews coming soon this month! A lot of the books that I have been reading in the last month are cozy mysteries which was fun.

  • Cast On, Kill Off (A Knitting Mystery, #10) by Maggie Sefton: This was a fun, and extremely cozy mystery that made me feel really at home in the world.
  • The Silence of the Chihuahuas (Barking Detective, #5) by Waverly Curtis: This was…a weird, quirky, read taht really made me feel like I had just gotten reading whiplash!

September Life Moments

September was a busy month!

  • University Take 2: The Psychology Degree
    • Classes are going well and I think my favourite class is tied with my Intro Psychology class and the History of Madness and Psychiatry class.
  • I recieved my MRI notice! Relieved and terrified at the same time.
    • My shoulder has been throbbing more in the last few weeks and last week I’ve started experiencing some of the numbing that my doctor was asking me about (that I didn’t have when I saw her).

New for October!

  • Next week I have reading break! Watch out for my TBR.
  • Reviews! Both books and otherwise.

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