Cat Ears and Jack Skellington onsies!

Welcome! Have some hot chocolate or coffee or tea but I don’t have pumpkin spice. Have whatever you wish. Would you like to join me in watching Tim Burton’s Corpse Bride, Nightmare Before Christmas or possibly Sleepy Hollow?



I can slip them into the DVD player but wouldn’t you rather listen to the fantastic music on The Strombo Show on CBC Radio 2? George Stroumboulopoulos is one of the best and I’ve been a huge fan of him since I can remember watching him on PUNK’D…memories…ahhhh *sips hot chocolate*

Forget about the pumpkin pie the costumes are where it really is at! At least for me.

You probably have figured it out. Tomorrow is my favourite night of the year and already I have worn two different costumes in the last 4 days. Thursday was my young adult party at church where I dressed up with my bestie Blondie as black and white cats (inspired by the musical produced by Andrew Lloyed Webster) and tomorrow I will be all comfy cozy in my Jack Skellington onsie for university.



Will you be dressing up as anything tomorrow or giving out candy? I wanted to give out bat bookmarks out with the candy but I don’t think I will have time to make them before it gets dark. Even if I don’t make them for tomorrow would you like me to create a tutorial for next year?

I think I better wrap this up soon. I have an early morning with psychology class then a Meet and Treat with the psychology students association before I go to my doctor’s appointment (too bad I won’t be able to go in my onsie though). So may day is probably going to look something like this…



Click on the links that show up in the blog post to see the GIFs that I included…not sure why wordpress won’t let me put them in…especially when they showed up when I was doing the post originally. Sorry guys! Any help with them would be greatly appreciated.

PS! Please don’t let your cats outside, especially if they are a lovely black one, tomorrow night! I don’t want to hear that someone’s cat was hurt by some stupid person.

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