Ignite the Dust: February

Hey everyone!

I can’t believe February is over. It has been a mindblowing month, from attending Ai-Kon here in Winnipeg this past weekend to recieving my marks (FINALLY!) from the Fall semester (A, B, C!), and doing a deep clean in my room with Andrea over my Spring Reading Break last week. Between all this I was busy trying to get ahead in my class reading and making decisions on term paper topics.

Now even though I did not get a chance to post much on the blog this does not mean goals that had been set for the month on my {MONTHLY GOALS} FEBRUARY were not completed. Of the six goals I set myself (click the link above to see the original post) I managed to finish 2.5 of them!

Meeting new people and making an effort to hang out with friends between class and outside of university.

Drink more water – hopefully around 6 cups of water.

Images for posts.

So that is basically a wrap up of what happened to me this month. I really want to get some more posts put up on here but honestly university does take priority. But in saying that you will be able to see what my goals are for March tomorrow!!

Have a great evening! What happened in your life during February?

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