T10Tuesday: Authours I’d Love to Meet

Today’s Top 10 Tuesday is brought to you by The Broke and the Bookish who want to know: Who are the authours we would like to meet and/or who we have met.

Living in Winnipeg has it’s advantages because we do have opportunities to meet authors but because I am a university student I always regret not always being able to clear my schedule when they do come. During the summer it would be more likely for me to see someone when the International Writers Festival comes to town though! Plus McNalley’s features authors who are local, independent, and international too.

Who would I like to meet?

Margaret Atwood: While I have not read one of her books, though my friend has because of university English, I’ve still got a huge admiration for her works. 

J.R.R. Tolkien: I would love to bring my grandmother to meet him, if he was still alive, because she was the one who introduced me to Lord of the Rings and we spent many Saturday nights watching the movies while knitting when I was younger. One of my most cherished gifts was her VCR copies that she gave me. 

L.M. Montgomery: I’ve been a fan of Anne of Green Gables since I was a child, when I was first allowed to read my Great Great Aunt’s copy, and it was only when I got older, probably in my late teens, when I began to read my copies of Emily of New Moon that were given to me from my mum.

J. Kent Messum: I don’t even remember how I found out about him but damn. I nearly gave myself whiplash reading Bait so fast! Beyond his amazing writing J is a pretty rad guy to talk to online too.

Ted Dekker: My first Ted Dekker book was Skin which I found in my high school library and the twists, the turns and the world building is amazing. He is absolutely one of my favourite Christian authours and really Got me when I needed to be got the most. 

Tosca Lee: Following her online and reading what she says makes me smile. I would love to just talk with her or even sit and work (seperately of course) on a writing project. I really think we have the same sense of humor too. Again she’s one of my favourite Christian authours and I am looking forward to getting her books from the library!

Rainbow Rowell: WHERE DO I BEGIN!?! Fangirl is where I fell in love without a doubt. I connected so hard with Cath from the fanfiction writing to the fact that I am in university. I have GOT to meet Rainbow Rowell some day!

Stephen King: Jealous my cousin got to meet him! I’ve been reading his books for years (thanks to my dad who gave me Skeleton Crew) and I’ve also watched CreepShow (where he cowrote and even acted), Under the Dome (plus own the book), and I am looking forward to The Gunslinger when it becomes a movie (but let’s be honest…also feeling the anxiety that it could be possibly ruined but from what I have seen online…I don’t think it will be). Plus can I be honest Molly, AKA the Thing of Evil is beyond adorable (and so photogenic) and you can just tell Stephen King dotes on her.

Neil Gaiman: Ever since I watched Stardust, and tracked down the book, I’ve wanted to read everything that Neil Gaiman has written but also I’ve listened to him speak on podcasts and youtube channels. I saw the Sandman comics at the library and that book is HUGE!

Erin Morgenstern: I fell in love with her writing in The Night Circus and then fell even more in love when I discovered that she is a past NaNoWriMo winner and that draft? Well its the book I fell in love with during the summer I worked my first job and read the entire book in a day.

Who have I met?

Lawrence Hill: I had the opportunity to hear Mr. Hill speak in 2015 while attending the Internation Writer’s Festival here in Winnipeg. Boyfriend and I bought his books, The Illegal and The Book of Negroes, and stood in line to get them autographed. He was amazing to listen to (I took notes because come on!) and it was lovely to have the opportunity to speak with him too.

2 thoughts on “T10Tuesday: Authours I’d Love to Meet

    • forgottenpumpkinpie says:

      I am not sure about the Netflix one but I am definitely watching the new series on CBC. I may have it on my list already haha.
      I always feel scared when they do adaptions of Anne, even if it’s a new cover, because some little detail is always changed or something is added.

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