T10Tues: Glance, Drawn, and Read

Even though we always say that we don’t judge books by their cover we do don’t we? *raises hand* I know I do too so don’t worry there are other people out there who do it.

This week we are asked by The Broke and the Bookish to do something with covers. Now I have to admit many of the things on the covers of books are the same things that are in the books that I read. If you want to see what I consider to be my book nip go and check out this post, Bre’s Book Nip.

But this time I am going to focus as best as I can about what draws me from the covers.

Red and Black covers – Something about this just strikes me. Which is funny since my favourite colour is green…

Eyes – This is probably one of the biggest things that draws me in both on books and in real life with people and animals. They are just so expressive!

People writing – This is one of those that are few and far between so when I do find one its like GIVE ME. Writing does not necessarily mean with pencil and paper but…anything. For me writing can be in whatever formant BUT I need to see the person.

Masks – Maybe some people would lump this in with eyes but I want to seperate them into distinct catagory. Individual masks have such intrique details and personalities that I just want to explore more.

Greyscale – Sometimes it has a pop of colour but I find greyscale covers interesting and intruging.

Wings – This can be anything from butterflies to wings on birds or people. There is something so delicate and yet strong about wings that I admire so much that I want to see where they take me or what they bring me.

I think this is the first week where I am unsuccessful in being able to come up with 10 things for my list. But I am also tired, getting over a cold, and being unable to get to my computer for a while (obviously this was not a preschedualed post as originally planned because ENERGY.)

Come back in a couple days, or visit the blog Facebook Page and to see when I have finished off this list and give it a like!


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