Shelf Control: Beige

Have you got a book that you’ve bought and haven’t read yet? Let’s celebrate them with Shelf Control, an original feature created by Lisa at Bookshelf Fantasies!

This week for the debut of Shelf Control I am choosing Beige by Cecil Castellucci. My copy is softbound that was published in 2009 by Candlewick Press with a total of 320 pages.Beige by Cecil Castellucci

Synopsis (from the back of the book): When she’s exhiled to Los Angeles to spend two weeks with her dad – whom she knows mainly from a bunch of postcards – Katy figures she’ll smile politely and then bury her head in a book. But Katy’s dad is the Rat, the drummer for the infamous band Suck. Thrust into the city’s punk rock scene, Katy finds it hard to be so nice, especially with doom-and-gloom Lake, her father’s idea of a chaperone, ordering her around. Katy could let it all out like everyone else – pound on the skins and cymbals, shout and scream onstage – but music is dangerous and Katy isn’t that kind of girl. So what kind of girl is she?


How did I get it Beige? Pretty sure I bought it at the Chapters at the mall near my house.

When did I get Beige? I know I bought this while I was in high school still, so over 5 years ago, but a few years after it was published. So I’ll estimate…2010?

Why did I want to read Beige? I bought this book mostly for musical reasons, haha. During this time I was reading a lot of books that centred around the theme of music and the cover of Beige (Hot pink electric guitar!) caught my eye since I was also learning to play an accoustic guitar. Once I got my hands on the book I was escatic that there was a punk playlist at the back of the book, since I listen to a lot of punk music, so it sealed the deal for me. It was just a bonus for me when I felt, while reading the summary, I could connect with Katy because of her love of reading.

I’m going to link this back to Lisa’s Shelf Control for this week which honestly you should go and check out. I’ve taken a peek at her post and I love the font used on the cover of her choice this week.

What’s your Shelf Control? Let me know in the comments and don’t forget to link back to Lisa’s post!


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