Yo! Whats up? Have you read any good books lately?

I’m Bre, and welcome to my tiny space on the interwebs. I have tea and some coffee if you are interested.

You want to know more about me? I’m in my early twenties, going to university full time, have an amazing boyfriend and two of the most awesome best friend/sisters I could ever ask for in this lifetime, Pomegranate and Blondie.

Would you like to hear about why I decided to call my blog Forgotten Pumpkin Pie? I promise it will have meaning and laughter (mostly from me, because I still laugh hysterically at it).

My initial goal when setting up this perhaps forgotten blog is to share my love of books, writing, and whatever tends to float through my mind.

This could be lists where I attempt to sort out all the crazy (and usually stressful it seems) that is buzzing around in my mind.

This could also be what I am dreaming of reading during the month (I will admit, December 2015 is turning out to be probably the largest amount of books that I am trying to read so far!)

This could be, and eventually will be, my thoughts on what I have been reading. I am going to be thinking this out more with policies, rating, and all that wonderfulness more after I finish my exams. And taking a long nap.

There will probably absolutely be awesome wackadoodles, crochet, and The Great Pumpkin Cat pictures in the future too.

I have no idea what I should write beyond that. The usual I suspect would be where do you live (Canada), what’s your occupation (broke student status), drug addiction (if reading, writing, drawing and crochet are then yes).
Instead I am going to put up a list my best friend Pomegranate sent me one day when I was feeling down.

Five Things I Love About YOU
1. The way you care about people so much and so honestly.
2. The way I’ve never had to wonder if I was good enough to be your friend, you have always made me feel more than enough.
3. Your so wonderfully weird I love it!
4. You’re always there for me when I need you the most.
5. You never judge anyone ever.

You can also find me on || Facebook || Goodreads || where we can talk and laugh together!


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  1. Debora says:

    Dear Bre, I’d like to nominate you for the Liebster Award. No pressure to accept, although I’d be happy if you’d accept and take part 🙂 Check out the details on my blog. Thanks, Debora (I’d really appreciate if you accept and would love to read your answers!)

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